Who can join FICTA?
Membership of FICTA is open to complementary therapist’s organisations which meet the membership requirements and to complementary therapy course providers/schools which satisfy membership criteria as decided from time to time and to individuals who otherwise support the Aims of FICTA.
Neither full nor associate membership of FICTA meets the requirement of Insurance Companies that therapists are registered with a complementary therapists professional body (association/federation) which is responsible for upholding qualification standards of education and training, sufficient for the safe and efficient practice of a therapy.

Why should Professional Bodies join FICTA?
By joining FICTA, your association would be at the forefront of shaping the future development of CAM in Ireland. In coming together to form a strong cohesive and self governing body, complementary therapy interest groups have the best chance of influencing government policy on the inclusion of our services in general healthcare.

      What does it cost to join?
      Membership fees are decided and calculated on a sliding-scale. The determining factor is the number of therapists registered with an association at the end       of the previous year. This means that all the member associations are paying the same amount per therapist registered with them.

Does FICTA regulate Practitioners or Therapies?
No. FICTA is not a regulating authority in any sense. The accreditation and regulation of complementary therapists is the responsibility of Practitioner Associations / Professional Bodies which include them in their register. Associations have a pivotal role in the regulation of complementary therapists and looking after their interests.

FICTA participated in the National Working Group for the Regulation of Complementary Therapists and has developed a flexible framework for self-regulation which is available to all its members.

Does FICTA make Awards?
No. From the beginning of the consultation process, FICTA has made submissions on the development of the National Framework for Awards to insure the inclusion of our Professional Awards in the Framework. The HETAC (Higher Education and Training Awards Council) Draft Professional Award-type Descriptors for the Alignment of Professional Awards at NFQ Levels 7, 8, and 9 has been up-dated by the QQI.

Does FICTA provide Insurance cover?
No. However and with growing success, FICTA has and continues to advise therapists on how to have their services covered by private insurance companies and monitors the variable costs of insurance.

So what does FICTA do?
FICTA provides a democratic Forum in which its members can meet on a regular basis, to confer and collaborate in responding to pertinent consultative documents and publications as well as developing advisory/information documents and guidelines in the interests of complementary and alternative therapies in Ireland and which the members are free to avail of to whatever extent and by whatever means they wish.

(Up-dated July 2017)