Established in 1999, FICTA (Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations) champions the common interests of complementary therapists and alternative medicine practitioners. Subject to its Constitution, the Federation provides a neutral platform in which its members meet to discuss issues of common interest or concern to the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) profession in Ireland.

FICTA’s purpose is:

  • To represent its members at national and European levels, especially in the political decision making processes, and in co-operation with relevant stakeholder organisations;
  • To function as a think tank for developing education programmes and suitable quality assurance processes and assessment systems;
  • to function as a communication platform for sharing and disseminating information among its membership, and relevant stakeholders.

Its mission is to contribute significantly to the maintenance of ‘best practice’ standards; enhancement of the quality of complementary therapy education and training programmes at all levels; and to act as the driving force for the inclusion of complementary therapies and alternative/traditional medicines (CAM) in healthcare service provision in Ireland.

In fulfilment of its mission, FICTA respects the autonomy and independence of CAM practitioner registration bodies to:

  • ensure the full exercise of their responsibility for maintaining acceptable qualification levels, best practice standards and for the regulation of their members.
  • uphold the ‘fit for purpose’ principle that applies to the diversity of CAM therapies represented by FICTA and notably, the provision of accurate and comprehensive information for the public relating to the benefits, scope and limitations of the complementary therapy practiced by their members.
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